Chasing Shadows.

September 9, 2014

Struck By Sunshine x Sparkles And Fox








Sorry for the radio silence guys! I just had my final exam for my first CA unit this morning and it was crazy hard. Finally could use a breather as well as more time to update, that is until i start my second unit in 2weeks. This CA program is really no joke hey.

These shots were taken a few months back when the leaves were just about turning into those wonderful red-brown hues. And surprise surprise, this is actually my campus grounds. Ever since finishing my masters, i never went back so when Melissa came for another visit and was staying nearby, i thought it’d be a perfect chance to show her around my old uni. It brought back a flash of memories and i’d actually forgotten how beautiful my campus could be, especially during autumn.

Its been a while since we worked together and capturing shots under such heavy shadows was a tough one. But we had lots of fun on that day, including people-watching (there was some event going on and we saw guys dressing up as Disney princesses), complete with brunch with the group and Messina after. How i wish every day could be like this.

Styling/Model – Melissa
Photographer – yours truly.

View Melissa’s outfit details here.

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