Bangkok Diary.

June 29, 2015

Taking things slow and easy in Bangkok.












































Day 1: Chatuchak, Pathum Wan & Phra Nakhon
Bangkok is a three hour time difference with Sydney (4 hours during summer) and even though i only slept at 2am, my body clock was still riding on Sydney timing that i actually woke up before 6am. That’s usually a good thing because it means that i’ll have more time to explore, but apparently the stores only open around 11am.

Bangkok doesn’t agree with morning people like me.

I had the day to myself as the boyf has weekend classes so i decided to explore the Chatuchak Weekend Market since i missed that out on my last trip. I was so tempted by all the cheap food but since i just had my lunch, my stomach had to constantly remind me that i was not a bottomless pit. I ended up just getting a tall glass of coconut water, which i scored for only 20baht (less than AUD1)! Cheap thrills woohoo!

I kept towards the main road and didn’t stray off to the side alleys (though that’s where you’ll find the good stuff, they said) cause it looked really hot in there. The weather itself was already hot enough so after completing one round, i decided i’d seen enough and took the BTS towards Siam. Even though i was done within an hour, there is actually more parts to the market that i didn’t bother exploring. Mainly because i knew i wasn’t gonna buy anything anyway – i only wanted food, food, FOOD!

I had about 6 hours to kill while waiting for the boyf to be done with class so after window-shopping for a bit, i bought some banana fritters from one of the stalls in the Siam Paragon food court and just plopped myself down to people watch. You should have seen how big my smile was when i found out how much it cost (about 30baht for 8 pieces i think). I never crave for Malaysian food/Asian street snacks whenever i’m in Sydney because the prices are just ridiculous and they never taste the same.

Reason why i become a food monster whenever i’m back in Asia. #noshame

When the boyf was finally done with class, we had dinner at Khao San Road and the scene there is pretty crazy. Bars literally right across the street from each other competing as to who had the loudest music, drunk tourists getting sorted out by the tourist police, street carts selling beer at really low prices, and even fake IDs and customised degree certificates for sale! They weren’t kidding when they said you could find anything there.

The boyf took me to his usual for dinner – one street away from the madness. The food was sooo good and i loved the soft shell crab with the curried egg dish! Yes, i’m that crazy soft shell crab lady. It’s seriously the key to my heart stomach haha! Oh and do be careful of the crowds when you’re there. The boyf was taking pictures and i stepped out of the way of an oncoming street cart. Next thing i know we were separated by a sea of people and when he turned around to look, i was out of his sight. I tried calling out to him but the people and the noise made it near to impossible. Let’s just say he wasn’t all too happy that i nearly gave him a heart attack.

Day 2: Ayutthaya
It was pretty fun when we had a short roadtrip to Ayutthaya, about an hour’s drive from Bangkok city. It was scorching hot so we had to narrow down the list of temples to visit, finally settling on just Wat Phra Si Sanphet & Wat Mahathat. There are also elephant rides in Ayutthaya and initially we were pretty excited to sit on one. Until we found out that they are actually walking on the scorching tar roads of the city and the heavy chains around their necks just made it even more heartbreaking. It’s pretty sad that these once majestic creatures are now reduced to the everyday pleasing of tourists.

We started our journey back mid-noon and stopped by the mall next door for dinner, and had our first movie date night (woes of an ldr) before calling it a night. I had my contact lenses on the entire day and it was starting to make my eyes uncomfortable. So when i got home, i immediately took them off but had trouble getting the one on my left eye out. So i asked the boyf to help me, to which he replied “it’s not there”.

My blood just froze.

Before this, i’ve never had any experience with contact lenses as i always just relied on my usual glasses, and admittedly i was a little paranoid that one day i’d forget i was wearing contacts and just went to bed with them still on. After prodding my eye a couple of times, i managed to find it scrunched up in the corner and immediately took it out. Scared the daylights out of me so i’ve avoided wearing contact lenses since then.

Day 3: Phra Nakhon
We took the day pretty slowly as the boyf had to handle some things for work. By the time we were ready to head off to the Sala hotel, it was close to rush hour so flagging down a cab became a task. Interestingly enough, the cab drivers don’t like far locations (it seems like anything more than 15mins is far to them) so after a few tries we decided to heck it and just take the public transport.

We got there a little past our dinner reservation, but was still given one of the best seats with an unobstructed view of Wat Arun. Our experience at Sala Rattanakosin left us extremely satisfied, though i wouldn’t really recommend this hotel for an extended stay. Its not exactly the most convenient of locations and since we didn’t explore the neighbourhood that night or the next morning, i’m not entirely sure what you can find around there.

Day 4: Phra Nakhon & Bang Rak
Believe me when i say that getting out of that cloud of a bed that morning was the hardest thing ever. I was half-prepared to just forgo breakfast, stay in and order room service but the boyf managed to get me out of bed. We stayed in the hotel until check-out time and went back home to rest before coming back out for dinner.

The boyf made us dinner reservations for Breeze at the State Tower to celebrate our early monthsary. We had the chef’s tasting menu and every single dish that came out was better than the last. They even gave us a copy of the menu that’s been personally signed by the chef and i just found out that he’s actually Malaysian!

Even though i wasn’t too happy that the boyf has been splurging on me, but still – thanks for the dinner, love!

Day 5: Bang Kho Laem
We stayed in the whole day as the boyf had some assignments to complete, and then headed to Asiatique at night. We took the BTS to Saphan Taksin and caught the free ferry over. Funny story that happened on the ferry – there was this group of HK tourists (2 couples) standing in front of us and according to the boyf, one of the guys was actually flexing his arms at me but i obviously couldn’t have cared less to notice haha. Sorry dude, i was more interested in the city view.

Asiatique houses a number of restaurants with all sorts of different cuisines. I was somehow craving for pizza (which reminds me, i still haven’t gone back for my chilli prawn pizza from my old neighbourhood) so we settled for an Italian restaurant. They were playing all the oldies and we just automatically broke out into song, having our own mini karaoke right there and then. Yeah, the boyf and i can be pretty shameless when we’re alone and in a different city other than our own. Applying the whole ‘they-won’t-remember-us-anyway’ mantra.


Day 6: Around and about
We went to Siam to do some last minute shopping and then it was just quality time for the rest of the day along with the dreaded packing. I had an early morning flight out the next morning and thankfully i managed to keep it together when we said our goodbyes (i don’t think anyone saw me tearing up in the car beforehand haha).

Those of you that know me well know that i love playing tourist, and i received a few messages exclaiming their surprise that i wasn’t going around much. True my Instagram wasn’t as exciting as when i was in Japan & Korea, but my main purpose was after all to visit the boyf. And as previously mentioned, the heat really was demotivating in pushing my exploration buttons.

The weather aside (i know i may have complained about it one time too many), it really was a good trip. Spending some down time with the love is really just what we both need, if only for a week. Hopefully we get to see each other again at the end of the year.

Special thanks to the love and his parents for the wonderful hospitality!

Photographer – B and myself.

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