Travel Plans Twenty-Sixteen

November 23, 2016

Early this year, my partner-in-crime Melissa texted me saying we had to have another trip together because our collaboration works were getting rusty. And because it’s been more than 2 years since we last saw each other. We were supposed to head to Tasmania, but that fell through. And after my Europe trip got cancelled, i pitched her a very last minute idea.

A week later, tickets were booked and our plans were in motion.

So guess what – we’ll be heading to Hong Kong, Macau & Singapore! I’m also making minor pitstops in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul and can’t wait to meet up old friends that i haven’t seen in years. This would be my first time travelling with a friend overseas haha so i’m pretty excited for our little shenanigans and collaborative works.

One more month to go whoop!

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