Postcards from Paris: Tour Eiffel

June 24, 2017

Coming out of the Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel station, you can already see the Eiffel Tower looming ahead – and she sure is a beaut. The area is patrolled by armed men, and the crowds are large, not including the mass of street merchants walking around with souvenirs hanging off their arms.

I have always counted my blessings and this time it was no different. Europe has always been one of those faraway places so to be able to make it to Paris, to see the iconic Eiffel Tower that i used to be obsessed with – at this age and all on my own funding (mind you, i’m flying in from Sydney so travel costs are higher for me anywhere i go). If you told me that i’d be visiting these places 10 years ago, i would’ve looked at you in disbelief. International travel felt like an unreachable dream back then, and i remember always saying to my parents, “one day”.

Now i am slowly ticking off new cities on my list. One iconic location down, another gazillion more to go.

Eiffel Tower
Champ de Mars
5 Avenue Anatole, 75007 Paris
Open 7 days, 9am-12am
Admission: Adults – €11, Children – €8.50 (by lift to 2nd floor);
Adults – €7, Children – €5 (by stairs to 2nd floor)

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