Roadtrip: Lavender Fields.

October 1, 2013

The trials and tribulations of an amateuraspiring photographer – my my how my skills have changed over these past 3 years.




The famous Lavender Berry Farm pancake.


3 years ago – the accidental discovery of my first lavender farm down south of Perth. The campervan we were travelling in was already a sign that we were prepared to sleep in the middle of nowhere (to which we actually did), so after driving about aimlessly, we stumbled upon the Lavender & Berry Farm and decided to make a stop for lunch. Having lavender pancakes on the terrace surrounded by fields of lavender – say what?

Lavender & Berry Farm
Lot 65 Browns Road
Pemberton WA 6260



Lavender scone with jam & cream.


Honey & lavender ice-cream with pistachio biscotti.




2 years ago – roadtrip up north of Perth with the girls. Among the piles of tourist brochures that we picked up on our journey, one particular cafe caught our attention and us being girls, insisted on heading there for lunch, albeit it being on a different route. The whole place was just amazing even the unwelcoming dark clouds overshadowing our pictures (grr!) couldn’t stop us.

To be honest, i had stopped photography for a long time before then but photographing the girls made me fall back in love with my camera. Hard. And so i have chased my dreams of becoming a photographer to this very day, trying to perfect my pictures and scouting new locations. And i have these girls to thank.

Lavender Valley Farm
1852 Chapman Valley Road
Yetna WA 6532






Last weekend – Hunter Valley roadtrip. I was wondering whether there would be any lavender farms along our journey and a quick search on Google before we ran out of reception gave me the result i was hoping to see. We settled for one that was on the way but it wasn’t as exciting though. It was more of an estate showcasing their unique sculptures with just a small patch of lavender gardens, and this one scared me. For some reason, each bush was swarming with bees and you could even hear them buzzing at a distance. Not something a person with apiphobia wants to see..

Lavender Gate Farm
2480 Wollombi Road
Wollombi NSW 2325

I am a sucker when it comes to pretty fields and gardens. It will be a while before i can dance among fields of lavender like Nicole did, main factor probably being i have to find such a location in Australia first. Time to do some research!

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