January 8, 2014

Struck By Sunshine x Sparkles And Fox






Presenting the first set of images from our Sydney collaboration. It took us a while before we were entirely satisfied with our shots. Partly because i haven’t done portrait in forever and the last time we worked together was exactly a year ago.

That particular day happened to be unusually humid, leaving us drained in sweat and needing multiple showers in a day. It was also our first time deciding to wear heels to the city, which we later on swore we’d never do again. Lack of practice was one thing. I hate the idea of having limitations when i’m shooting (especially since i was also wearing a mini skirt on that day). Composition is key in my pictures, and i will do whatever it takes to get those shots.

Even if it means making myself look outrageously unglamorous while doing so.

Styling/Model – Melissa
Photographer – yours truly.

View Melissa’s outfit details here.

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