January 14, 2014

Struck By Sunshine x Sparkles And Fox



Chika so gangsta.

Second set of images shot early in the morning (i’m talking 7am) as we were on our way to the Boxing Day sales. Isn’t it weird how we dread to wake up early for work but whenever shopping is involved, we manage to jump right out of bed? I started/stopped shopping at the first store because my bill was so financially damaging that the rest of the day i was in constant battle with my conscious. Must be the accountant side of me – my brain just kept punching numbers non-stop!

We left the city mid-noon cause it started to get crazy hot and the crowd was out of control. So we just chilled at Darling Harbour for a bit before heading home early to rest and attending the Lion King Musical at night. Not-so-great start to the day but an amazing end to the night.

Styling/Model – Melissa
Photographer – yours truly. (shot on Melissa’s Canon dslr)

View Melissa’s outfit details here.

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