Melbourne Diary.

September 30, 2014

First solo trip to Melbourne and i did what i do best – play tourist.






Day 1: I arrived Melbourne early Sunday morning feeling both nervous and excited as i stepped out of the airport. This was my first solo trip ever, albeit still being in the same country. I took the Skybus (airport shuttle) to the city and because the hotel i was staying in was within the CBD, i was able to use the hotel transfer service for free. I stayed at the Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne and it was such a convenient location to everything.

After dropping my bags off, i set out to explore and to get lost in the streets of Melbourne. Didn’t exactly do much/take much shots that day as i was too busy getting tempted by the likes of H&M. Hurry up and open in Sydney already!













Day 2: I felt a little rush of excitement as i took the tram with the locals that morning; they on their way to work, and i on my way to the Malaysian Consulate for my passport renewal. I got out scot-free by the hour and was walking aimlessly until i realised i was starting to near the city. Spent an hour or so at the Shrine of Remembrance before making my way to Southbank, and then back to my hotel for a little rest and recharge.

Seeing how i had plenty of time to kill, i decided to venture off to Docklands to experience the Melbourne Star. Google Maps indicated i had to bus there, and as i waited at the bus stop and got on a Melbourne bus for the very first time, all on my own might i add, i felt so local.

Until a friend told me that locals don’t actually take the bus.. And the City Circle tram gets you there for free. Oh well.

This was also the day i discovered Centre Place; a haven of food stalls. That’s probably what i love about Melbourne the most – their alleyways of hidden food gems. I especially love The Soup Place for their amazing choices of soups. Was absolutely perfect during winter!








Day 3: Seeing how my flight was later in the afternoon, i wanted to make the most out of my last day. I got a banana nutella crepe from Centre Place, which turned out rather disappointing, and slowly made my way to the Eureka Skydeck. It was pretty gloomy that day and after a few attempts, i decided to just sit there and take in the view. Places like these always make me channel happy thoughts somehow.

I still had a couple of hours left since i started my day early so i decided to do a little last minute shopping. Also discovered that there wasn’t a queue for the Magnum Bar so i gave myself a treat. Not something you’d wanna splurge on on a regular basis though (they cost $8 each for something you can probably do at home if you wanted to) but at least i got to try it once. Not gonna lie that i might have bought it just cause it looked pretty. The things i do for Instagram heh.

Maybe it was the freedom to walk around and explore everything at my own pace, but on that trip, Melbourne actually grew on me. I found myself wishing i didn’t have to go back, even up to the extent of moving states and claiming Melbourne home. I mean, multilevelled shopping malls and cafes in hidden alleyways that close at 5pm? I was pretty much sold on the first day.

But as my plane flew back into Sydney during the golden hour, i looked out the window and was welcomed by snakes of waterways intertwined within the city life. The person sitting next to me didn’t have this luxury of a view, so had to constantly excuse himself before sticking his hands pass my face to get a decent picture. It was then i realized i am proud and forever blessed to be able to call Sydney my (second) home.

I guess all i needed was a short retreat for me to fall back in love with my city again.

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