Travel Plans Twenty-Fourteen.

October 6, 2014

Suggestions please and thank you!

Now that we’ve got our air tickets booked and accommodation all set, our level of excitement is a notch higher. Both these parts of Asia have been on my travel list for a while now so to finally be able to lock down plans is sending me into a state of frenzy. Best part is we’ll be there during the Christmas and New Year period (my favourite holiday!) so i’m sure to be high on the festive mood. Fingers crossed i get a white Christmas too!

We will be in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Seoul and i pretty much have the whole itinerary planned out – the tourist in me already has a whole list of shrines and temples to visit. Only thing i’m lacking so far are places to eat. If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me or comment below (or on my Facebook page or Instagram). Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!

Let the countdown begin – 2 and a half months and counting!

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