February 14, 2015

Traditional wooden buildings, shrines and temples. And them geishas.














When i first found out that Gion was the geisha district of Kyoto, i immediately knew i wanted to stay close to the area. Lucky for me, i managed to score a perfect little Airbnb apartment (highly recommended btw) right next to the Kawaramachi Station – a short walk away from Gion.

We headed to Gion in the late afternoon as we were waiting at home for our luggage bags to be delivered (as mentioned here) and arrived to what is now my favourite suburb in the whole of Japan. The area was filled with lanes of traditional wooden buildings, shrines and temples just around the corner, and don’t get me started on the street food. The Kyoto beef buns are so gosh darn amazing that my stomach is literally rumbling at the thought of it.

Take me back please.

We were rushing to make it to Kiyomizu-dera before it closes, thereby lacking in street shots. Once there, the sun was again, not on our side, and the skies were brutally overcast that after a while, i just gave up on my shots and decided to take in the view as it is. At one point it even started drizzling a little, until the boyfriend actually noticed that it was in fact tiny snowflakes and not raindrops. My little trippy-excitement mode only lasted a couple of seconds though when the snowfall (if you can actually call it that) decided to stop Рdarn weather playing with my feelings right there.

The highlight of that day is quite possibly seeing those geishas. At first i was so excited to see people doned in kimonos, and me being the naive individual thought they were all dressed up for Boxing Day (ha!). It was only later that i discovered they were all just tourists playing dress up. So you can imagine my excitement totally skyrocketed when i saw those geishas coming my way and thank goodness no one walked in my frame!

1-294 Kiyomizu
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862
Open 7 days, 6am-6pm (more accurate timings on website)
Adults 300 yen, students 200 yen

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