Osaka Diary.

March 22, 2015

Less than 24hours in Osaka.












Day 1: Tempozan
Well i wouldn’t consider this much of an Osaka diary as we were only there for less than 24hours. The train ride from Kyoto takes about 45minutes, and instead of paying more for the JR line, their normal lines are just as comfortable and spacious. Provided you avoid rush hour i presume.

We were internet-blind when we arrived and got stuck trying to find our Airbnb apartment. The directions that our host gave us took into account arriving from a neighbouring station, which i failed to notice. Funny story was we actually got out of the right exit, and our apartment was right there across the street. Instead, we walked in the opposite direction, got lost, and ended up flagging a cab, only to find our apartment location and started laughing at our silly misfortune.

Easy money hey, Mr Cab Driver.

We visited the Osaka Aquarium as i had heard nothing but good reviews, especially since they are known for their whale sharks. The aquarium wasn’t much to be honest, which was a slight let down. And kudos to the boyfriend for being such a good sport. He wasn’t keen on seeing the animals encaged behind glass barriers whereas i was just squealing in delight at everything hehs.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
1-1-10 Kaigandori
Minato-ku, Osaka Prefecture 552-0022
Open 7 days; 10am-8pm (more accurate timings and days closed on website)
Admission: 2,300 yen

After that, we went on the giant ferris wheel next door. It was a cozy little date night, something we don’t get with our ldr. There are two types of carriages; one normal and the other with a glass floor. We thought the glass floor would be exciting and chose that one, only to discover that we had to wait quite a bit. Though the view would have been much more worth it had it not decided to rain.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel
1-1-8 Kaigandori
Minato-ku, Osaka Prefecture 552-0022
Open 7 days; 10am-10pm
Admission: 700 yen

We stopped by a premium beef barbecue restaurant on the way back and it was the best i’ve ever had! Pretty much made up for the kobe beef we didn’t manage to have during that trip. We were initially planning on stopping by Dotombori before heading back but the rain and our exhaustion kicked in so we headed home early to pack our bags for our Korea flight out early next morning.

This post marks the last of my Japan trip, something that i have yet to come to terms with. To be honest, Japan was never really on my list. The only reason i decided to go there was because i was heading to Korea and since it was nearby, it’d be a waste if i didn’t make a stop there. Never would i have imagined that i would fall madly in love with that country. Japan has been so hospitable – the people exceeding my expectations by being so humble and friendly; food with the utmost quality you can imagine; and the streets so pristine i could just sit in an alleyway and not mind.

Thank you, Japan, for being so utterly amazing! I’ll be sure to come back soon and spend a longer time the next time i visit.

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