Gardens by the Bay.

July 6, 2015

Wandering around Singapore’s pride and joy.






I had less than 24 hours in Singapore so my initial plan was to head to Gardens by the Bay for an hour or so before meeting my friends in the city. Unfortunately, i got a little held up at the airport as i was desperately searching for an internet connection. I was going to rent a portable wifi from the airport for a day but when i got there, they needed a credit card as a deposit and i didn’t have one. So i got stuck and started running around the airport, frantically looking for a signal.

I gave up half an hour later.

Seeing how i would be going around blind, i picked up a pamphlet detailing the MRT lines and made my way to Bayfront, in which i had to change lines 4 different times (Changi Airport – Tanah Merah – Paya Lebar – Promenade – Bayfront). Admittedly, i was pretty excited when i got there – the whole thrill of being a tourist just seemed to kick in and i may/may not have walked around with a skip in my step. Until i heard the thunder, saw the storm clouds start rolling in, and the Singaporean humidity finally hit me.

Bam triple threat.

I sped my way through and only managed to cover part of the outdoor garden as i was running out of time (and trying to escape the heat) and on my way back to the MRT station, bumped into my friend from Sydney! Such a small world, or more like small country hah i kid. I had a pretty good catch up with the girls that day (and they even brought me to have truffle fries omg i died!). We spent the day discussing what everyone was up to, talked about engagement and weddings, and got a tad too excited looking at household items. My how the times have changed. Soon enough it was time to head back to the airport (my flight was after midnight) and as soon as i got in my seat, i passed out all the way back to Sydney.

I did wish i had more time to explore Singapore. I’ve been there a few times but have yet to see the Merlion even. Touristy, i know. Thanks for taking the time and spending the day with me, girls!

Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr
Singapore 018953
Open 7 days; 5am-2am (Bay South outdoor gardens) – full list of opening times and admission fees for other areas on website

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