Where To Next?

July 10, 2015

Practicality at its best.

You know how when you’re visiting a new country and you feel compelled to shop for souvenirs just so you had proof that you’ve been to that part of the world, and over the years they just end up collecting dust somewhere in a corner?

I gave up shopping for souvenirs a long time ago and this idea only just hit me. I love doing travel research the old-fashioned way, which is why i’m constantly buying these Lonely Planet travel guides before every trip. So i thought, why not use these guides as souvenirs instead? Imagine a whole bookshelf decked out in travel guides! And i mean, aside from the fact that you’ll get a whole load of information in one book, who can argue that these guides aren’t Instagram worthy? And Lonely Planet features a selected picture every Thursday if you hashtag #mylpguide. I still pinch myself whenever i see my feature – so unreal!

I know its a little too early but i’m already looking forward to extending my collection – possibly Hong Kong and Macau next year, but more excitedly to Europe (i’ve already got my heart set on Norway!) the year after. Now all i gotta do is make my bank account catch up with me.

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