Travel Plans Twenty-Fifteen

November 29, 2015

There’s never a thing as too many holidays.

It wasn’t long ago that i made my trip to Southeast Asia and i’m getting all excited to head back again. I’ll be back home for 3weeks and making damn sure that i carry out my plans. I’m still keen on taking my diving licence, though that might be a little hard now that there’s prospective plans on a trip to Vietnam! It seems like we’ll definitely be going, just unsure of the dates as yet.

Funny story – there’s a town in Vietnam called Sapa that has these beautiful rice fields but is a little hard to get to. Apparently, the best way to get there is by train from Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa doesn’t have its own railway station) and then another 50mins by bus/car. Its more for the scenic hillbilly like me, because that place is pretty much just mountain landscapes and terraces of rice paddies. When i mentioned this to my mom, she said she couldn’t be bothered and will personally drive me to the rice fields back home instead haha. I think its so cute now that my parents are such supporters of my photography passion. My last trip back, they drove me all the way to our Mount K just for pictures, but sadly the weather wasn’t in our favour.

Time really flies without me realising that its been nearly 2 years since i’ve been back home. I already have a long list of things i wanna eat (hello food monster) and seriously can’t wait for home, family, friends and my little bubba!

3 weeks and counting!

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