Desa Dairy Farm

March 25, 2016

Spending the first day of 2016 on a family road trip.
















When i was young, i always remembered begging my mom to get a carton of Desa chocolate milk whenever we were out grocery shopping. My brother and i would have that as morning breakfast before the drive up to school and on days where there weren’t any, she made up for it with her killer milo (mom’s da best!). Before this trip, i had wanted to visit the Desa Dairy Farm but my dad wasn’t too keen on driving up there.

Insert brother bear to the rescue.

The drive from the city takes approximately 2hours (based on reviews – i was too oblivious to keep track) and mind you, there’s not many signage to point you in the right direction but i’m sure the locals would kindly give you a hand. But once you hit Ranau town, you should be able to spot the cows up on the mountain so just drive in that direction and you’ll eventually end up there.

There are also many stalls along the way selling locally grown fruits and munchies for you to fatten up on. My mom probably bought the entire stall’s worth of mangosteens (a couple kilos worth!), which then attracted some Chinese tourists who tried to shove themselves in for a sale and got told off by their tour guide on their actions (to which she blatantly denied tsk tsk). I admit i’m not entirely a fan of the Chinese tourists whenever i’m back home cause they tend to act like they’re bigger and better than the rest of us. And sorry to say but we all know how they are with basic manners..

The drive up to the farm itself was off-road and you have to be pretty skilled to manoeuvre the many potholes and countless chunks of rocks in your path. It was pretty painful watching the sedans (or worse, people who drove their BMWs and Mercedes) struggle to avoid as much damage to their undercarriage as possible.

For the love of Desa, hey?

The queue for their products was on a whole different level. Stationary lines, people finding out they were queuing on the wrong line (there’s different counters for different products) – it’s astounding the lengths people would go to drive all the way there just for gelato. We bought a whole stash of their chocolate milk (it’s less sweet now and cheaper than in the city) and tried their chocolate and goat’s milk gelato.

Further down the main building is a little shed where you get to feed baby goats and young calves. My mom actually gave in and bought a little milk bottle (that and a handful of grass cost RM1 each) and i happily fed this cute calf. We also tried staying for the milking session but they either had the day off or were pretty slack (not surprising – that’s the Malaysian way haha) so we made our way back home.

The farm is relatively close to our Mount Kinabalu, and the damage to the mountain from last year’s earthquake is pretty evident (the white areas). Though i am still keen on climbing it one day, after i get my fear of heights out of the way heh.

It was a day well spent with family, with my brother even modelling with me haha. Best kind of New Years, in my opinion.


Wearing: MNG top | Zara shorts & shoes | 3.1 Phillip Lim bag | Lack of Color hat | H&M belt | Larsson & Jennings watch | Pandora charm bracelet | Tiffany & Co pearl bracelet

Photographers – Dad, brother and myself.

Desa Dairy Farm
Kundasang, Sabah
Open 7 days; 8am-5pm
Admission: Adult – RM5, Children/student – RM4

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