June 17, 2016














First things first; i have yet to watch the entire Lord of the Rings production, probably just the first two? Which is a little shocking seeing how i visited the Hobbiton Movie Set haha. Because why not, and technically we were in the area.

We made it 10minutes before the next tour started and found out that it actually takes 2hrs. We were a little worried that we wouldn’t make it back to Auckland in time to return the car so we were pretty rushed/panicky throughout. What’s worse, it was actually raining during our whole trip but it let up when we arrived. Our guide brought it up and said that she shouldn’t jinx it, but i guess she did because half an hour later, it started pouring really hard (you can tell from some of the photos). There were umbrellas available though but at the end of the tour, you could see everyone’s shoes turned brown, including my white Stans.

If you are a LOTR fan, you would definitely be thrilled to find out what was filmed where and how the set was brought to life. Me – i didn’t know a thing they were talking about haha. The last stop of the (walking) tour is the Green Dragon Inn where you get a drink of your choice on the house (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), food break and in our case, shelter from the rain.

Places like this are bound to have tourist groups and while i was queuing up for the toilet, i overheard all the Chinese tourists exclaiming that the toilet was clean enough to sit on. I thought to myself, “seriously? you intended to stand on the toilet seats in a civilized place like this?”. I felt so bad for the cleaner because she was constantly yelling at them on their bad behavior; standing on the toilet seats, spitting in the toilet, leaving their used tissue papers lying on the floor. The Chinese tourists, of courses, didn’t understand a word she said and actually thought it was funny to see her all flustered.

I’ve said this before but do try to be mindful of one’s culture/city when visiting. Don’t take your bad habits with you because it just leaves a bad impression and well, pretty sure the whole world immediately associates any Asian tourist as horrid nowadays. Travel smart guys!

Photographer – B and myself

Hobbiton Movie Set
501 Buckland Rd, Hinuera
Matamata 3400
Open 7 days, 9am-5.45pm
Admission: Adult – NZD79, Children – NZD39.50 (prices differ depending on your starting location)

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