Mong Kok Street Markets

February 18, 2017

Our second location in Kowloon was the area of Mong Kok. There are so many things to see here, which is ironic because the last time i visited Hong Kong with my family, we were actually staying around the area and we never stumbled across this.

Kudos to the 6-years-younger me, who never did any research or took any pictures whatsoever.

We walked through Tung Choi St first, otherwise also known as the Goldfish Market, and the sight of all the different variety of fishes in air-blown plastic bags brought me back to my childhood days. I remember always making a dash for the animal booths whenever i tagged along to the street market in the hopes that my mom would let me buy one, which she didn’t haha. Though now you tend to wonder just how much air they are left with and what happens to them at the end of each day that they are not sold.

After a while we just got really turned off because some of the animals were in extremely terrible conditions and some were most likely dead. We saw a beautiful, large tortoise in a tank that only allowed it to go frontwards and backwards; small tortoises in containers with water levels too high that each was climbing above another just to get air (we suspected the ones under were all dead); and crustaceans that looked like they were dyed with coloring just to appease the public eye.

Not a place i would recommend for strong animal lovers.

The Flower Market just two streets down was like a flower heaven for me. I haven’t done any flower runs ever since the market i normally get them from stopped operating (but good news – they’re starting again next week!). I was so tempted to buy something and wished i lived in Hong Kong or that Sydney had a place like this. I think i’d end up doing a flower run every weekend if that was the case.

The Yuen Po St Bird Garden wasn’t as big as i expected so we just walked right through. I did see an Australian galah and a blue-and-yellow macaw caged in a corner which raised some red flags. I wasn’t sure if it was legal or not at first. Then again most of the things i saw that day looked like they weren’t.

I think we could’ve spent an entire day exploring Mong Kok because aside from the 3 markets mentioned above, there were also street markets and other streets that we didn’t have time getting lost in. Not to mention the neighbouring suburbs. And did i mention the street shots were just amazing?

Goldfish Market (Tung Choi Street)
Tung Choi St, Mongkok

Flower Market
Flower Market Rd, Prince Edward

Yuen Po St Bird Garden
Yuen Po St, Prince Edward

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