Lantau Island

March 18, 2017

We were initially planning on hiking one of the trails on Lantau Island, but after researching directions the night before found out that getting to the starting point alone would take about 2 hours (i may have been extremely exhausted that night so wanted to sleep in a little as much as i could heh) so we decided to skip it and just wander around the village instead.

After getting off at Tung Chung station (the end of the line. The stop before that is Sunny Bay which links to Disneyland) and making our way to the cable car, we came across a snaking line and a sign which showed that it would take another hour just to reach the ticketing booth. While queuing, we heard a woman bellow out express pass packages that would get us to the head of the line so no surprise that’s what we made a dash for. I can’t remember how much we paid (approx HKD400+ per person from memory) but it included return cable car rides (one with the diamond cabin which is the glass floor) and access to the shows*.

The cable car trip takes about 15-20 minutes as the ride is over 5km long and goes all the way up over the mountain. We could see people hiking up below us (our planned hiking route was a different one) and i do want to attempt it one day. I hear it gets really tiring at some point because of all the stairs but man what a workout!

As you can expect, everything there is pretty much a tourist trap, yet i still end up falling for it. When on holidays ey? There was an old lady selling hot snacks and i gave in and dropped HKD38 (approx AUD6) for a sweet potato because i had cravings.

Also, note that the cable car stops operating at 5pm on weekdays, 5.30pm on weekends so be sure to start queueing early. It was a good thing we had express passes cause the line was already insane by 4pm.

* The cable car is currently undergoing maintenance so i can’t find the package we got and i’m too goldfish to remember the details – sorry!

Ngong Ping Village
Lantau, Hong Kong

Ngong Ping 360 (cable car)
Open 7 days, 11am-5pm Mon-Fri; 10am-5.30pm Sat-Sun

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