Less Than 24 Hours In: Bath

June 18, 2017

What We Did

Our day trip to Bath was pretty free and easy. We had an idea where to go but we wandered the streets aimlessly until we eventually ended up in said location. It was a refreshing change of pace compared to what i’m normally accustomed to, which made the day all the more dreamy especially since it was the boyf’s first proper day off.

We were supposed to be looking for something to eat but wound up at the Pulteney Bridge instead which is lined with shops and cafes. We ended up making one big loop and got back to our starting point with a still empty stomach. Side note, if any of you ever travel with us, don’t expect to eat on time or have regular meals throughout the day. The both of us are photo junkies and we’ve walked for close to 12 hours surviving on only one proper meal/light street food. Probably why we always lose weight on our trips haha.

By the time it was 1pm, our tummies were reminding us that we had yet to eat the entire day (we were up at 6am). While looking for a nice place for lunch (i was being kinda picky heh), we stumbled upon Bistrot Pierre, a cute French restaurant with such big servings for such affordable prices. It was £9.95 for a 1-course meal and just £11.95 for a 2-course meal, and there were a lot of choices to choose from (their menus are always changing btw). I meant it when i said big servings cause i couldn’t finish my fries which is a shocker considering how much i love my fries!

To aid in our digestion, we walked to The Circus; three curved segments of townhouses arranged in a circular shape, designed in Georgian architecture. There is also a garden in the middle with a huge tree which was swarmed with tourists when we got there. We found a somewhat secluded spot which i then proceeded to twirl around the pavements while the boyf took my pictures #ootd #noshame #instahusbandintraining.

Located nearby is the Royal Crescent, which is also of Georgian architecture (it was designed by the son of the ‘The Circus’ architect) but in a crescent shape overlooking a park. The No 1 Royal Crescent is open for public viewing but be sure to buy your tickets before entering. We had a bitter experience with this. We didn’t know that tickets were required and initially i didn’t feel like going in. The boyf said we should give it a look so i approached the lady at the front door. She was talking to a couple in front of me so i waited, but she actually stuck out her hand to stop me (while she was still talking to the couple in front), as if i was about to barge in when i was in fact just standing there. I brushed it aside, thinking it was just how things worked.

And then when it came to our turn, i enquired whether we were allowed to go inside and have a look. Mind you we had no knowledge of the purchase of tickets, and the old lady rudely said to us “You need to get your tickets next door. It’s not free, not a chanceas if we were looking for freebies wtf. We would’ve been fine if she told us we needed to get tickets but she just had to add that last sentence which really pissed us off so we just walked away. I’m sorry but if there’s one thing i can’t tolerate it’s shitty behavior so we were pretty much fuming from that experience.

Until i had ice-cream, because ice-cream makes everything better.

We had an extra 4 hours to kill and since most stores were starting to close, we got ourselves Pimm’s from this pop-up booth, sat on the grass under a tree and started observing the crowd. There was a group of teenagers next to us and it was a little funny watching their attempts to act cool (we were once upon a time in their position haha!). I had packed strawberries from home so we sat there with our drinks, me eating strawberries and him eating chips, basking in the remaining sunlight and cool breeze. Perfect ending to our little getaway.

Pulteney Bridge
Bridge St, Bath BA2 4AT

The Circus
The Circus, Bath BA1 2ET

No 1 Royal Crescent
No 1 Royal Crescent, Bath BA1 2LR
Open 7 days; 12pm-5.30pm (Mon), 10.30am-5.30pm (Tue-Sun)
Admission: Adults – £10; Seniors (65+) – £7; Children – £4

//Note: The main attraction here is the Roman Baths but it looked smaller than expected and there were just too many people so we decided to give it a pass. It’s right next to the Bath Abbey if you’re keen but be sure to head there early (preferably before lunchtime) to avoid crazy long queues.

How We Got Around

There is a direct train from Portsmouth (as well as London’s Paddington station) to Bath which takes around 2 hours. The Bath train station (Bath Spa) is within the city centre and all the main attractions are within walking distance.

Pictures of me – B

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