Oh Deer

January 29, 2018

Such beautiful creatures! Finally paid a visit to Nara Park, home to countless of wild deer, but despite being wild, there’s nothing wild about their habitat. There are easily thousands of tourists each day, and you can purchase a pack of deer biscuits for a mere 150yen. They are somehow very well-mannered towards vendors though, never disrupting business and only hounding you the moment food falls into your hands. One of them made it a mission to stalk my dad’s ass and headbutt him a couple of times hahaha.

The deers have their antlers cut off every autumn as they tend to become aggressive during breeding season. Not gonna lie, i was somewhat disappointed. Would’ve been pretty majestic to see them in all their glory. They’re still pretty cute though so all is forgiven.

Nara Park
Zoshicho, Nara-ken 630-8211

Open 7 days, 24hours
Admission: Free

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