January 31, 2018

One of Nara’s iconic landmarks.

The main hall of Todai-ji, Daibutsuden (otherwise known as the Big Buddha Hall), is a vast wooden structure, housing one of Japan’s largest bronze statues. Despite its overwhelming size, it is actually only two thirds of the original structure, having been rebuilt after being consumed by fire. Twice.

There’s something different about Japanese temples and shrines, where the silence speaks volumes and any tourist chatter gets drowned out by your sense of awe. I have always felt at ease during my visits, my thoughts immediately calm and at peace. Though i am a different religion altogether, i will always fit a temple visit into my itinerary when in Japan. And the Todai-ji is definitely one not to be missed.

406-1 Zoshicho, Nara-shi
Nara-ken 630-8211
Open 7 days, 8am-4.30pm (times vary depending on month)
Admission: Adult – 500yen

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