Less Than 24 Hours In: Nara

February 6, 2018

What We Did

We arrived Nara around noon and initially wandered around the couple of shops nearby, stocking up on Daiso’s heat packs before making our way towards Todai-ji Temple. It was crazy freezing on the day we were there, and when we stumbled across an old lady selling steaming hot sweet potatoes out of this portable wood-fired oven, we immediately started waiting in line (though we misunderstood the pricing and ended up paying 1,000yen for a sweet potato yikes). This is probably also the cause of one very hangry deer who tailed my dad and offered up multiple headbutts to his behind, much to our amusement.

Nara has always been one of those locations i’ve been itching to visit, though sadly i was too busy playing photographer to have any pictures to commemorate me actually being there. The best thing about Nara is that it is absolutely family-friendly. We watched as countless children started running around, intrigued with these wild creatures, squealing in both fear and excitement once they got too close. I managed to capture one particular group of siblings doing just that and it is definitely one of my current favourites – i live for candids like these.

How We Got Around

We took the Kintetsu-Nara line from the Kintetsu-Nippombashi station in Osaka, straight to the end of the line in Nara. The train ride is approximately 40mins and cost 560yen one way. Once you exit Kintetsu-Nara station, turn right at the main road and keep walking straight. You’ll eventually end up at the Todai-ji Temple and meet all the deer along the way.

As with Kobe, the Icoca card works here as well. There are bus options to get from the train station to the popular sites, but we preferred to walk since that is the best way of taking in a new city. There is also a JR Nara station depending on which line is more convenient for you.

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